commercial room dividers

There are many practical uses for commercial  room dividers, and for many homeowners, room dividers are a solution to a space problem. But dividers don’t have to be purely functional – they can also be a decorative design element that adds impact to an otherwise ordinary room. Our dividers can be used to create a movable work of art, adding to the aesthetic appeal and improving the value of your home. Consider these great ways our room dividers can spice up your decor.

Function of Room Divider.

Our handy design tool will help you see what your dividers will look like once they’re installed. You can play with our different frame materials, glass finishes and panel styles to create just the look you want. It’s easy, and you’ll love knowing that your sliding dividers will look great in your home before you sign on the dotted line.

Our dividers also allow you to extend the light from external windows to interior rooms. Replace a fixed wall with a glass room divider and your interior room can draw in light from windows, improving its brightness and cutting down your energy bills in the process.

Use of Room Divider.

Room dividers can be used to create an artistic backdrop behind any living area. Warm, rich melamine panels add a sense of comfort and luxury. You can even recess our low-rise tracks into the floor of your room to create an integrated appearance.

You can also use room dividers to highlight a great view in your home. Why close off the great room view from your loft bedroom for privacy’s sake? Instead, you can install one of our room dividers with acrylic across your living area like a view from a balcony while still enjoying the separation and noise reduction provided by dividers. Another option is to frame the view to a sunroom or patio with our home room dividers instead of French doors, creating more visibility and a more attractive appearance.

Creation of sliding door for room dividers.

Before you begin, measure the width of the room and the height of the ceiling in the area you’ll be dividing. The program will need these measurements so it can create sliding door room dividers in the right proportion to the walls and furnishings in your home. It will also use those measurements to calculate the size of the panels you’ll need to use to create the look you want.

Once you’ve measured your room and decided how many panels you need, you can start trying out the many different style options we offer for your sliding room dividers. Frame material is an area where you will really enjoy testing the choices. Choose from black, white or silver metal, or dark or light woods to create different effects.

Another piece of information you’ll need is the number of door panels you’d like to use for your divider. The more panels you use, the narrower each one can be. A few wide panels will look very different than several narrow panels, especially if you choose a frame with an interesting arrangement of glass panes. Try the different panel number options to see how each will look in your home.