Nergy Telecom maintains termination agreements with many major carriers among which are Verizon Business (ex MCI) Standard and Premium routes, TATA Communications (Prime Route Plan), WaveCrest (CLI and Silver routes), Arbinet, CCS and AT&T networks. Due to our long-term partnership and large purchasing volumes Nergy Telecom obtains the best terms and conditions from the above mentioned carriers. Considering that it is quite difficult for new or existing operators to get direct access to world’s largest carriers, Nergy Telecom offers to operators a possibility to terminate calls to such carriers through Nergy Telecom’s platform. This offer is only available to businesses or individuals that already have their own VoIP equipment and use their own IVR, billing and retail account management systems.


Here is an overview of all the features and advantages available to operators:


Features and Advantages

Access to Verizon Business (ex MCI) Premium and Standard routes, TATA Communications (Prime Route Plan), WaveCrest (CLI and Silver routes), Arbinet, CCS and AT&T networks.

No need to make the large deposits or prepayments that you would have to make when getting connected to major carriers. Therefore you will be able to invest the money into your core business and use it much more effectively.

No need to go through the lengthy process of signing agreements and dealing with other paperwork (with major carriers this can take up to 2-3 months). All you need to do is to send us an application and make an initial prepayment (minimum 1000 USD).

LCR (Least Cost Routing) management. Accessing the web interface operators can specify carrier priority for each destination and also the number of attempts to be made for each carrier when the call does not go through. For example, you can set the following routing plan for destination Angola: Arbinet- priority #1, 3 attempts, WaveCrest (CLI route)- priority #2, 3 attempts, CCS – priority #3, 4 attempts. This will mean that when you send a call to Angola, our platform will try first to terminate it through Arbinet, it will make 3 attempts if the call cannot connect, then it will try to terminate the call through WaveCrest(CLI route) etc.). This will provide the flexibility for operators to choose the best quality at the lowest rates.

Access to the web based Operator Account Management interface with the following features:

Current account balance information

Viewing the wholesale rates

Viewing the list of zones with prefixes that are currently configured at Nergy Telecom’s platform

Routing Management

Traffic and Error reports

Operator Profile Management

In order to access a demo account please go to agent.nergytelecom.net and use these details to log in (login – DEM, password – dem1006).

No sign up or monthly fees

VoIP Interconnection (SIP or H.323 protocols and most codecs are supported)

No minimum monthly sales requirements

Excellent customer service

Low initial prepayment of minimum 1000 USD (The services are provided only on a prepaid basis). All the billing and invoicing is made in USD.

1 second billing increment.